Many people mention the washroom as their most liked spot in a house. This area has a connection with personal hygiene, but a lot of people also look at the bathroom as a place for relaxation and rest. While a large washroom is perfect for rest, a small bathroom too can serve the purpose with the proper renovation to make the most out of the space available. Listed below are a few bathroom remodeling ideas to aid house owners to maximize the space out of their small washroom area.


♦ Pick the right furniture

It’s evident that large fixtures will compact a tiny bathroom, so make sure to pick accessories that are small when renovating. Also, take into consideration unique features that further lessen space consumption. For example, opt for a sliding shower door rather than one that is hinged, or maybe a pedestal sink or small vanity instead of full-sized cabinetry. Nick from says, Cautiously strategize alterations with your bathroom renovator to make certain that sinks, tubs, and toilets are in proportion with the room’s dimensions.


♦ Make use of sensible storage options

Maximize the functionality of your storage area by designing cabinets that cannot only slip in all or most of your bathroom necessities but also provide additional capabilities. For instance, cabinet doors with mirrors not only help produce the optical illusion of bigger space but they also serve as an aid for other bathroom activities, such as shaving or applying beauty products. Be inventive with your utilization of space and use areas that aren’t typically used for storage purposes, such as the space above the flash tank of your toilet or that above the washroom door.


♦ Lighten up your bathroom

Well-lit areas have a tendency to appear spacious. So, make certain that there is ample lighting not only from bulbs but also from natural light. Adding windows and skylights during bathroom renovations not only allow more illumination in but also give you a view of the outdoors, further bringing about the illusion of wider space.


♦ Select floor tiles in light shades

As mentioned previously, well-lit spaces appear larger. Thus, it follows that the washroom needs to be in bright colors too. Light or neutral shaded tiles will help you maximize ambient lighting while darker tones have a tendency to absorb more lighting, making space appear small. Therefore consider using bright colors during your renovation process.


♦ Show more of the flooring

The more you see of the floor, the wider your bathroom space will appear. An excellent way to expose much more of your bathroom floor is to use hanging cabinetry and vanities and opt for wall-mounted basins and other bathroom accents. For showers, make use of a glass partitioning which has no frame to produce the impression of continuous floor area. When it comes to tubs, freestanding designs with feet are better than those with bases that occupy a lot of space.


Taking a bathroom renovation from conceptualization to execution entails several actions and lots of work. But, if you are sure about what you desire, a bathroom remodeling contractor can help you maximize the space out of your small bathroom. With a secure, sensible, and delightful bathroom, you will look forward to going through your day-to-day routines. So, apply the ideas mentioned above when renovating your small bathroom space to maximize the available space.