Types of Line Marking


Line marking enhances safety in parking lots because it clearly shows parking spaces for employees who work in a certain organization. Also, line marking can also be used mark no parking zones, loading bay areas or even designated areas with reserved parking spaces. Therefore, for every parking lot to have a smooth traffic, clear line markers are required to give instructions and directions to users. Even though line marking is primarily used for safety purposes, here are the common types of line marking:


Line marking for parking spaces

It is the most common type of line marking used today. This type of line painting is used to show where people are supposed to park their vehicles. Additionally, these line markers can be used to show designated areas for handicapped people in a parking lot. These line markers eases parking and movement in and out of parking lots in shopping malls, warehouses, buildings and multi-storey parking lots.


Underground parking lots

Line marking is also used in underground parking lots where special reflective paint is used for visibility since underground parking lots may be dimly lit. Alternatively, a lot of artificial light is used in these parking lots to enable good visibility.


Safety lines

Line marking can also be used to indicate safe areas for employees to walk or work in, designated areas for staff, restricted areas to avoid in a factory etc. You can also use line marking to show loading bays in a warehouse where trailers are supposed to pull up to avoid confusion or possible accidents. However, when line stripping is used to show restricted areas, a different colour of paint should be used to emphasize the risk involved.

Line painting can also be used to improve safety in your parking lot by showing risky areas. For instance, line markers can be used to show concrete barriers prone to wearing out fast to caution users against leaning or hitting them because they might collapse.

Having clear line stripping on your property is one of the easiest way to guarantee safety to your employees and customers. However, you need to hire experienced professionals from a reputable line marking company to offer you line marking services.