Best Video Games That Are Available Today



In our society today, technology has become something that most individuals can’t live without. Along with this, video games have become one of the most popular activities that many young, and even older, individuals have become obsessed with. Video games have always been a popular part of gaming for several years now, however, with the advancements in our technology, they have become more realistic, which has caused an even bigger excitement when it comes to playing video games. There are so many video games out there to choose from, and the list of them are endless to compare. So, with so many possibilities to choose from, there are, of course, several that have been recommended and deemed as the most popular ones that can be played.

In this article, we are going to cover a few of the top rated and highest recommended games that can be played in the gaming world today, and it isn’t hard to see just how exciting these games are for so many individuals who have taken an interest in them. Video games will continue to grow as a favorite activity for most young people, and are even capturing the attention of the older generation as they progress and grow.


Battlefield 1


Each story of the Battlefield 1 game, gives a unique story guideline that the player, or players, are able to play out. There are large tanks, and dangerous battle grounds, and behind enemy lines intense adrenaline packed battles. It is a multiplayer game that can be enjoyed by one individual, or several individuals, and it offers several exciting narrative operations for you to play out. It is considered to be one of the most popular video games that can be found in the gaming world today, and after a few minutes of playing this intense action packed game, there is no secret why it is considered to be one of the best.


Resident Evil 7: Bio-Hazard


Since the beginning of the Resident Evil video games, it immediately became one of the most popular video games of all times. The action and thriller packed game full of zombies, creatures, viruses, and a lot of action fighting is what caught the attention of so many people who were fans of the gaming world. So, with the popularity that was gained in this game, and the attention grabbing bloody scenes of exciting horror and violence, it is no wonder that the new Resident Evil 7: Bio-Hazard is to be one of the most popular Resident Evil games of all time. With the most exciting stories that have been created within it, the options and weapons that will be available to the gamer, and the zombie herds around every corner, are what is going to keep the players coming back for so much more in the newest game.


Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild


There are several gamers who are old school individuals, and who love to play the older games from their childhood. One of the most popular games that can be found still today growing in popularity is the Legend Of Zelda video games. The newest version of the Zelda franchise is the Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild that became popular in the Wii U systems. It is the 19th released game in the Legend Of Zelda games, it is one of the longest video games that has remained as one of the most popular. The story is set in Hyrule where Link has awakened from a 100 year slumber, and there is a voice that calls him to follow it and defeat Ganon. This is a game that has captured the attention of the very loyal Zelda game players, and the Legend Of Zelda games will probably always remain one of the most sought after video games that exist in our technology today.



In conclusion, when it comes to the gaming world in our society today, there are so many popular video games that many would recommend as the highest on the list. There are literally dozens of incredibly popular games out there, and these are only a few that are considered to be some of the most sought after video games. There are several more intense games with great detail, and there are several gamers who are always looking for that type of adrenaline packed games. However, there are also some gamers who will always favor the old school video games, and as they create more updated versions of these games as each year passes, will end up keeping their stories alive. The world of video games will not likely die out any time soon, instead, video games will continue to grow in popularity as the detail and stories of these games become more and higher advanced.